Top 5 tips to make your signage really standout and appealing 

As you drive to work each morning, you have been noticing a lot of signage – a lot of poor signage. The little park signs  you see at  intersections that usually advertise exhibitions, church functions, or some sort of  sale are so  full of information that you can’t even read them when you’re at a traffic light 10 feet away. We see them too, so it made us think that this blog post should present some tried and tested tips to make your signage stand out for all the right reasons. 


People who run businesses often don’t pay  attention to their signage. Due to  lack of funds or creativity, they opt for the simplest solution and name, ignoring the potential of good signage. Now, if your small business is making a profit and doing good, it will only surpass that average level if you step up your game.


Use the following tried and tested, outdoor and indoor signage design principles to create your company’s best, most attractive signs to date: 


1. Choose an attractive shape for your sign. If possible, use a shape that reflects the nature of your business, such as a flower for a flower shop or a vegetable for a produce store.The right placement can also make a big difference to the visual impact of your signage.


2. Less really is more. By keeping your message short, your sign is easier to see and read at a glance. Signs come in every shape and size, so make sure you have chosen a size that is appropriate for the distance you expect your sign or display to be viewed from.A successful signage communicates a message concisely. 


3. Visual tests have concluded that Upper And Lower Case Text is more legible from a distance than all upper case letters. Since viewers may only have a few seconds to get your message, increase the readability of your sign by not over using capital letters. 


4. Pick attractive fonts that are easy to read, and do not use more than two fonts in the entire sign.Clean, crisp, easy-to-read type styles and fonts should be used for maximum legibility. If possible, pick fonts that are consistent with the theme of your business. Comic Sans Serif denotes a lighthearted business, while Times New Roman has an old fashioned feeling that might be ideal for a mystery bookstore.


5. Colors and graphics play a role together! Make your sign colorful, but not overwhelming. It is better to use a limited number of tasteful colors than a tremendous array of busy, clashing colors with simple and artful graphics. 



Here are 15 tested color combinations that make your sign more visible and legible: 

  1. black on yellow
  2. black on white
  3. yellow on black
  4. white on blue
  5. green on white
  6. blue on yellow
  7. white on green
  8. white on brown
  9. brown on yellow
  10. brown on white
  11. yellow on brown
  12. red on white
  13. yellow on red
  14. red on yellow
  15. white on red


Your signage is an important and most affordable part of your marketing strategy, and if you want it to work at its best, you need to make sure it’s visible and eye-catching. Signage that stands out from the rest of the competition can only be beneficial, regardless, you run a small  or  large business.

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