In a modern age where digital media is everything, signage is an overlooked aspect of doing business. The importance of signage for your business will never go out of style. What is the purpose of signage? Primarily, it creates a positive impression and thereby fosters the authority of your brand. However, bold and tasteful forms of signage can be as important and have as much impact as your website in terms of attracting new customers and inspiring them to shop. Signs direct customers to the places they need to go, inform them of special deals or rates, and they can even help a business set the atmosphere with a theme or unique terminology.

Various business surveys indicate that having signs can directly impact sales. Powerful signs influence people’s unconscious minds and do more than inform. The effect arising from a sign’s emotional value is greater than you may imagine. Enhancing the visibility of signage or focusing on sign design may improve sales by up to 10%. Whereas poor signage, or a lack of signage, may prevent potential customers from entering the business at all.

The results of these surveys prove one thing: business signage is important! 

Here are the 5 hardcore reasons to why a business must invest in signage marketing 


  1.   Attract right customers

Your sign is the face of your business. It is a great way to reach new customers and direct clientele into store locations. Individuals are more likely to enter a store they’ve never been in before if the sign out front is eye-catching.

According to a survey by FedEx found that; 76% of consumers entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its signs and 68% of the consumers believed that business signage reflects the quality of services and products.


  1.           Brand Recognition 

One of the most common benefits of business signage is brand recognition, good business signage will make your company stand out. 

Brand recognition is when a customer recognizes a brand based on an image or symbol rather than the name of a business. For example, McDonald’s has strong brand recognition. Customers see the golden arches and know what they represent.

Brand recognition provides a competitive edge and the chances of customer acquisition and repeated business.

  1.           Cost- Effective advertising

Signage is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. While you may have to make a considerable initial investment, once your signage is ready and installed there are no further costs and it will advertise your company 24/7 and all year round. 


  1.           Reflect Business Authority & Expertise

Visuals are a reflection of the quality of your business. People correlate the quality of branding tools with the products and services you offer. Daring visual elements made with quality materials usher people in and encourage sales. That’s where the importance of signage for your business becomes a key ingredient to success.


  1.           Provide clear communication 

Signs represent a brand’s most visible form of communication. Outdoor signage is a great way to eliminate the cognitive overload in customers and increase the chance for purchases by the end-user. Directional and safety standard signage are two public signs to communicate through. 


To see why signage is important, just look at the branding elements of renowned businesses worldwide. When you think of a famous brand, what comes to mind? You start picturing its logo, colors and other visuals it’s associated with. The bottom line is — Signage matters. 


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